Welcome to Nowhere

Capital’s grip on the internet has become suffocating and nearly inescapable. The devices and services used to access the digital world have become captured by large conglomerates who have commodified our desire to access and distribute information for fiscal benefit.

This digital space is an attempt to create a space free of capital’s control, where thoughts and ideas can be shared in a space and manner free from the limited spaces provided through typical “social media” platforms.

This is an endeavor of The Central Scrutinizer, in addition to friends and allies organized in part. The language used traffics a neo-marxist dialect that rejects the common left-right conception of politics that suffocates so much individual political discussion. In recognizing the frank power-dynamics that govern so much of daily life, it is hoped that individuals will find new language or patterns of thought that assist in self-actualization.

Like all things, a work in progress. Design notes here.

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