Daddy Bloomberg

The delicate balance has shifted. The reception is fuzzy. The plot doesn’t add up. Old capital’s grip on political life is officially in shambles. The Corporate World has shown itself unable to compete with the new techno-addictions that keep the public distracted and divided. Mr. T. continues to fumblingly lead a nativist assault on the government, and #resistance liberals rally behind banal platitudes believing that poetry alone will stop budding fascism and growing inequality.

But there is hope in the Sanders Campaign. We are bearing witness to the Peaceful Revolution we have always pined for; that prophesied young, multi-ethnic, citizen-driven coalition. Politicos who cosplay as Seers have begun to realize that their sense of political reality is deeply disconnected with that of the proletariat. A Peaceful Revolution is possible! In the death of the old world, Bernie’s tight coalition – and growing – is preparing itself to seize the Democrat’s Artillery and lead a charge against Mr. T’s Chaos Dynasty.

In Uncle Joe’s complete inability to translate his star power into corporeal political existence, we observe the complete collapse of the Democratic Party’s old guard. Although Democrats mounted a resilient battle in 2018, the Party is clearly devoid of power, leadership, or coherent strategy. But capital, sensing this weakness and distrustful of Mr. T’s chaotic leadership model, have found a new avatar for maintaining the political order.

Enter Mike Bloomberg. His surprise assault on the Democratic Fortress has laid to waste any historical power once held by the Democratic Establishment. With Bloomberg’s campaign, the moderate forces of the Democratic Party have been completely exhausted. And the Bloomberg Campaign now seeks to eliminate the Socialist threats posed by Sanders and Warren. His brazen use of personal wealth to purchase political power, bases of support, and campaign infrastructure present a stark contrast to the popular, grassroots movements orchestrated by Sanders and Warren. Luke Savage explains Bloomberg’s base of power clearly:

The problem isn’t that such behavior secures wealthy individuals like Bloomberg direct benefit in the form of quid pro quo relationships (though it certainly can). It doesn’t have to. When you’re so rich you have a couple billion dollars to throw around, you’re no longer an individual making voluntary private contributions: rather, you’re a stakeholder in the basic infrastructure of politics and society itself. In a nation full of economically deprived people, cash-starved cities, and crumbling infrastructure, there will always be a hunger for investment — and thus ample opportunity for chronically undertaxed people of means to exploit these needs and purchase influence in the process.

Bloomberg doesn’t want your money. Bloomberg doesn’t want your help. Bloomberg just wants your Democracy. No more thinking, no more organizing. Daddy will take care of us. This vision of Patriarchal Capitalist State should disturb anyone who wants freedom from the grip of capital. We can have billionaires or we can have democracy.

The main sample used in the track is a clip of the soundtrack from Avenue 5. The show itself is middling, but the soundtrack – specifically the core theme – is unique and nefarious. The rest of the sounds used are custom instruments manipulated with Ableton. I wanted to maintain a synthetic sound, which matches Bloomberg’s technocratic, patriarchal approach to governance. The arrangement is chaotic and sort of abrupt – which matches his sudden propulsion into the Democratic primary. You’ll find in the arrangement a bunch of different sounds wandering around the space. The mix itself might be a bit sloppy – I worked on this well into the morning for three nights straight, but felt I had to get it done so that I could move on with my life. Still, I think you’ll find a bunch of interesting sounds bouncing around the edges that reward repeat listening.